[NKPR 0] Building Caffe on Window (for anaconda environment)

I recall that installing Caffe on Window was one of the hardest steps on this project.


  • However,  some (small) problems arises depending on the different environment one has.  For me, installing VS 2015 raised error ;  a setup package is either missing or damaged, but no perfect help for this problem exists on the web. (Spend two days repeating shredding the whole VS 2015/reinstalling)


  • In addition, building PyCaffe requires python 3.5, while I have been using python 3.6 (anaconda) for my previous works. Since I do not want to change my working environment, I tried to install PyCaffe using anaconda environment setting(python 3.5). There are some settings that should be modified before installing.


  1. Create new environment for python 3.5. (e.g. conda create -n py35 python = 3.5.0 anaconda)
  2. Before using cmd, call the anaconda environment (e.g. conda activate py35)
  3. When modifying caffe\caffe\scripts\build_win.cmd according to the video above, set CONDA_ROOT variable as location to the python 3.5. environment conda
  4. Now follow the video!
  5. Done!

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