[RDP] From Windows 10 to Ubuntu (xrdp, Verizon)

  • How to access Ubuntu remote desktop from Windows 10
  • Two systems are not sharing the same network. (i.e., need to access through outside internet)
  • Assume the internet provider is Verizon and we are using their router.
  1. Open a terminal and install xrdp and xorgxrdp
sudo apt-get install xrdp xorgxrdp

2. Port Forwarding:

2.1. Check your IP address


ip address


-> go to Google and search ‘what is my IP’

2.2. Change the Verizon router setting

Go to the Verizon Router setting page: https://xxx.xxx.1.1/

Click Firewall -> click Port Forwarding -> find your device by the local ip you get from the above -> choose Custom Ports -> change port number to 3389, which is the default port used by xrdp

3. Check xrdp

sudo service xrdp restart
sudo netstat -antp

If tcp6 0 0 ::: 3389 :::* LISTEN xxxx/xrdp, then done!

4. From Windows 10, open remoted desktop connection

Enter global ip:3389 (e.g.


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